2009 • Palm Jumeirah Tunnel (Nakheel/du) – Vehicle Tunnel Project in Dubai (Multi-Operator) UAE

Taking cellular networks into tunnels.This Project has seen the seamless addition of the second UAE based Operator, Etisalat onto the tunnel’s cellular system. Although MiTech’s engineers were in attendance during the optimisation and commissioning they were not needed and all of the system coverage and performance tests went without a hitch.

This system is located on the newly developed Palm Jumeirah this twin bore cut and cover tunnel provides vehicular access to the breakwater and services area. MiTech Designed and Engineered the 2/3G Cellular system in what was the first Multi-Operator scheme within the United Arab Emirates. The scheme utilises Axell Wireless Fibre distribution equipment and radiating cable (Leaky Feeder) Initially populated by the UAE’s newest Operator, du, for whom MiTech provided Engineering and Optimisation services.