In-building systems

In the Cellular world these sites are known as Picocells and although generally confined within a building are effectively no different to the Macro sites that adorn the countryside and the tops of buildings in all urban areas. They exist to provide dedicated coverage and capacity to the Operators subscribers. They have to be able to integrate seamlessly with the Macro Network and yet overcome existing Macro coverage within the building yet confine their leakage outside of the building so as not to affect the Macro Network.

On most new buildings, given the environmental constraints in respect to energy conservation, it can be found that the levels of penetration from external sites is very low and thus in order to provide good cellular communications it is almost a requirement for there to be some sort of System built in to allow the Operators to connect their radio base stations to. It is something that all developers should be looking at and taking into consideration.

The same can be said of Security radio systems and also the current Emergency Services radio standard TETRA.

MiTech Consultants, working in close co-operation with their clients, are able to offer the provision of Turnkey In-building Cellular/TETRA solutions for both Corporate and Public Areas. These solutions typically uses a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to support the service. These DAS systems can be either Passive (co-axial) or Active (Fibre/CAT5 or Fibre/COAX) and are designed to offer homogenous coverage throughout buildings and allow seamless integration with any external Networks (Cellular/TERA) through points of access/egress. The DAS takes a signal from a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and re-distributes this around the building using a number of small, low power antennas.