Health & Safety

With the construction of more and more Digital Radio Networks in both urban and rural areas the possible effects of these radiated signals, whether perceived or real, have become of real concern to Health & Safety Managers. All Companies accept their lawful requirement to protect their staff, however, these signals are unseen and with external sites being outside of their control, most people are in ignorance of what is penetrating their workspace. The International Committee on Non-Iodising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) have provided a series of recommended exposure levels for these signals and Systems Operators are expected to comply with these. To be able to provide their staff with a simple graphical report showing that all radiated digital and analogue radio signals, have been tested and found compliant, would surely go a long way to ensuring their Staff and their Unions that their safety is being considered and routinely monitored .

Using state of the art technology MiTech Consultants can offer a full Spectrum (75Mhz to 3Ghz) Scan Survey, recording the maximum received levels of all radiated signals within the spectrum and provide a written and graphical report showing those signals as a percentage against the ICNIRP recommendations. This would be of particular importance if the building contained a TETRA, Cellular or WiFi in-building solution.