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MiTech Consultants Ltd – About the business

Established in February 2000 MiTech Consultants sought to provide a balanced and unbiased approach to the wireless market. At that time most of the suppliers within the market were OEM’s who were tied to their own products and so unable to give their clients an independent and product neutral service.

MiTech Consultants Ltd are currently headed up by the following key personnel:

Mike Little – Managing Director & Principal Technical Consultant

Mike has worked in the Radio/Wireless market for over 40 years and brings a wealth of technical and commercial experience to the company. With an Armed Forces (RAF) technical background his latter career led him to the Philips Radio Communications Group where he worked, first as an engineer and then as a manager, for over 23 years. During that time he served in Africa, Russia, the Far East and parts of Europe. When he left Philips to set up MiTech he had successfully run the Confined Space Engineering Group (Tunnels) for a number of years.

Matt Cholerton – Operations Director

Matt has a proven track record with MiTech starting off in the Installation arm as a Field Projects Technician in 2005 and he has, based on his abilities, steadily risen within the Company firstly to a Team Leader and then a Project Management role and then in 2015 he was awarded promotion to his current Operations Director’s position. Matt is responsible for the day to day running of all of the Site RF Engineering, Installation and Maintenance  projects and brings to the role all of the experience and expertise he has gleaned whilst working in the various departments.

Philip Mellor (Engineering Manager)

As a graduate Phil has a wealth of experience within the Telecommunications sector.  Having spent a large part of his career working for PYE Telecom and then Philips Communications Ltd he has been involved in major projects both within the UK and also overseas (Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia) where he has been both senior engineer and also the in-territory project manager. Phil joined MiTech in January 2002 from NTL and has been responsible for the high engineering standards that the Company has achieved in that time.

Helene Reid (Company Secretary/General Manager)

Joining in September 2001 Helene has been responsible for the In-building arm of the company and been responsible for the successful implementation of over 1200 IBS solutions. During that time Helene has been responsible for the production and delivery of the detailed design and associated as-built documentation. Helene also has responsibility for the company’s ISO9001:2008 and ISO2014 compliance standards and also the Company’s Health and Safety compliance. Helene was appointed Company Secretary in 2011.

Technology Neutral

By remaining technology product neutral, MiTech Consultants are able to offer their prospective clients, solutions free from the constrictions of a single equipment manufacturer and thus provide the best and most commercially viable proposal for their Wireless Communications solution.